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Logo design should be simple enough to recreate with mustard.

The most recognizable brands have the cleanest and simplest logos. Imagine drawing the Nike symbol on a plate with mustard. People see Nike. Now draw a couple golden arches. People see McDonald's. Clean and simple design.

I'm passionate about the "if you know, you know" logos. It feels like once you see the secret part of the design, you become a part of this cool creative club.

An easy example is FedEx and the hidden arrow. Not only because it kinda blows your mind once you see it, but because it always ties back to who that brand is and what they do. That creativity is what made me fall in love with branding design.

The logo I designed for my brand is a lightening bolt. This represents characters of myself that I want to represent me in the eyes of freelance clients, potential employers, and other artists that stumble upon my work.


It represents creativity.  Creativity is something I consider to be one of my strengths. It represents knowledge. I have a love for learning and it makes working with new brands so much fun! It represents energy. I have been told by almost every single employer, coworker, coach, teacher, and friend that I have too much energy. It's fueled by passion and can usually be tamed with a creative outlet. 

Something you might not have noticed about my lightning bolt is that it is made up of my initials as well. C B for Carlee Blevins. That moment when everything clicks is what makes me passionate about design.


Welcome to the club. 

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